Monday, November 2, 2015

Hello,I am s7eo~ ^^

Assalamualaikum & a very good day~

Today's entry is about s7eo.
I wonder how many of you can pronounce it correctly.
I'm sorry. It's my fault. I'm the one who give you all the hard time to pronounce 's7eo'.

Just because I love seven, I decided to replace the 'Z' with '7'.
Because '7' is quite handsome, don't you think? ^^
That's all~

p/s: Up until now, even my own friends can't even understand, how can a number can be described as handsome. So if you guys can't get it, just forget about it & be  happy~ Heheee... xoxo

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  1. 'zio'??

    Selama ni tertanya-tanya camne nak sebut nama tu.. adoii,i've been pronounce it wrongly all this while.. hahahaha

    1. Slma ni sebut camne?? hahaha.. bcoz baru2 ni someone ask me how to pronounce it..& then i realize maybe I should just explain.. hahaa XD

    2. Terfikir nk tnya lama dah tapi tiap kali baca new entri, hilang terus soalan tu. Lebih eksaited nk komen psl entri dr tnya pasal ni. Haha

      Selama ni sy sebut mcm ni--> ink-pink-seven-ee-oo... Kadang 7eo tu sy sebut 'Leo'.. Ikut sedap lidah la senang cite.hahahaha

    3. LOL~ XD leo pun boleyyyyy~~ hahaa.. it's ok. i also don't mind. as long as you enjoy reading my piece. ^^ thank you for your support ixora~ =) xoxo

  2. Before these i thought 7 was T.. Hahahaha jauh daging dari oven

    1. haha! nice try niechi tieya!~ ><v


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